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The AURA Training Wear point of sale is inside the Kodiak Fitness Center, which is located in the heart of the city of Sunny Isles Beach, just five minutes from the beach and a half-hour drive from downtown Miami. It is open to the public and has free access, achieving comfort for customers who like to know our sportswear and high quality without any inconvenience.

Frequently asked questions

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How to become an AURA Partner?
With AURA Training Wear you have the opportunity to start sales doing what you love the most (training) either in gyms or free spaces, no matter your physical activity since only by using and offering the sports brand always carrying the products with you you will achieve automatic sales. In addition; you will notice that with this noble, supportive, simple and transparent business model, you can earn up to more than 50% of what you invest in the merchandise since AURA never regulates your personal prices.
How to offer/sell the sports brand?
As an AURA Partner you will have access to various tools to offer your sportswear purchased wholesale to sell at retail, such as all digital catalogs, the Online Store and support in our social networks sharing all your material from anywhere and anytime; it will be a real pleasure to collaborate with you. Remember that when you train with your brand AURA and its beautiful designs, you will be in the eyes and contact of other girls who like you are in the fitness world and need quality sportswear with quality and functional designs.
Will I be able to generate extra income quickly?
Of course! At AURA we believe that the greatest investment is the one you generate in yourself, leading a totally healthy and motivated lifestyle in fitness you choose in you your best version which will always be inspiring for more women; quickly generating income with AURA you will be a positive impact on the empowerment of more women, brave and resilient, who believe in themselves and who make the decision to start their best investment to build like you their best versions, fulfill their dreams and have more quality time with their families.
What is the minimum investment cost?
1. Minimum investment order of $500 (USD) 2. Maximum investment order of $3,000 (USD) 3. U.S. import costs are included. 4. Preparation and sales information. 5. Online web and social networks for sharing. 6. Rewards plan for maximum sales achieved. 7. Support and help by the AURA team whenever required.
What are the delivery times?
Once the order is paid it will take 24 hours to confirm and 1-8 days for the delivery of the package.
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